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Effective Mediation Advocacy – A Guide for Practitioners 3rd edn

Effective Mediation Advocacy – Student Edition

Effective Mediation Advocacy – Turkish Language Edition

Preparing for Mediation – A Guide for Consumers

Mediation Advocacy – Nigeria Edition

Mediation Advocacy – Hong Kong Edition

Mediation Advocacy – India Edition

Small Claims Procedure in the County Court – A Guide to Mediation and Litigation 5th edn

Role Play Exercises for Mediation Training

How to Master Commercial Mediation (ch)

Asia Mediation Handbook (ch)



Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

Mediation – an A-Z Guide

Mediation Advocacy – Representing Clients in Mediation

Advising and Representing Clients at Mediation

How to Master Commercial Mediation (ch)

FAQs for Mediators


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