Covering your mediation training costs.

You have paid for your mediation training. Now you want to make your money back and more.

I have been informally coaching and mentoring newly accredited mediators for the last 4 years. Many tell me they need support trying to establish their businesses. But they can’t find it. They find the whole thing lonely, frustrating and time consuming.

Let ‘s not pretend. Building a mediation business is difficult. But it’s not impossible. Here’s what you need to do. Stick with it for a minimum of 3 years. Give yourself an edge by sharing your experiences with those who have gone before you and done it. Draw on their back-up, experience and know-how. There are things that work and there are things that don’t. Find out the difference.

You’ve read Andrew’s blog. My route to GoodmanWalker is different from his. Andrew is a barrister whose primary activity is training and his secondary one, mediation.

I am a retired solicitor. My primary activity is civil and commercial mediation – I have done over 400 in total and average 4/5 a month. My secondary one is writing books about mediation- I am now on my fifth.

Andrew and I don’t agree on everything, as readers of our respective books on Mediation Advocacy will know. But we do agree about the need to support mediators as they build their business. Plenty of people will tell you how to become a mediator: but not how to make money in mediation.

This is why Andrew and I have set up GoodmanWalker. We look forward to working with you.