“Many thanks for the excellent day ‘Building a Successful Mediation Business. I really came away motivated, thinking, that was money and time well spent.”

Chartered Accountant Mediator, Stowmarket.

“The sea change that came over me on Monday was ‘this is not a hobby, it’s a job, so treat it like one’. So back to the drawing board and start again with my most important client for now being myself.”

Chartered Accountant Mediator, Stowmarket.


Barrister Mediator, Norwich

“Very useful”

Barrister Mediator, Cardiff

“Great practical course. Hit known unknowns as well as matters that inspired ‘lightbulb moments’…fantastic timetabling”

Barrister Mediator, London

“Very stimulating, imaginative, had obviously taken lots of time and thought …the day was enjoyable and very useful. I liked the pressure you kept on us, and knowing we had to complete the workbook and stick to what we wrote in it.”

Executive Coach, London

“Worth the money in terms of the reality check and focusing on next steps”

Solicitor Mediator, London

“Very practical, thought-provoking and well worth the investment in time and money…the number of delegates resulted in a good level of discussion which was well managed by Messrs Goodman and Walker.”

Chartered Quantity Surveyor Mediator, Hertfordshire

“Thought provoking, wide-ranging, covered all the issues on my wish list”

Corporate/commercial Mediator, International

“Great overview of what you need to think about, and more importantly, do, if you are serious about building mediation as a business. Many useful tips, insights and the wisdom of real experience shared openly …. extremely helpful in affirming the areas where one needs to focus to be successful. Thank you.…”

Business Consultant Mediator, International

‘A great help and reassurance that I’m on the right lines. A great team. Very easy to talk to. I came away re-energised.’

Consultant physician and medical mediator, Berkshire

‘Excellent. …great that two such experienced mediators and prepared to give their time and knowledge to mediators starting out on their journey…they were able to challenge and provoke discussion and reality testing’

                                                                                     Family Mediator,Yorkshire

‘An excellent course…well-planned and thorough…tips were practical and realistic…’

Solicitor Mediator, W.Yorkshire

‘Really excellent workshop, very informative…provided much needed boost to build my career in mediation’

Commercial Mediator, Leeds

‘A well-thought-out programme, challenging, thought-provoking…it has galvanised my mediation practice development’

Solicitor Mediator, Newcastle

‘Thought provoking workshop leading to measurable action plan, presented by individuals who have a wealth of experience in the field. They provided realistic expectations of what is possible.’

Solicitor Mediator, W. Yorkshire

‘The different approaches of the mentors was very helpful and widened the discussion in a useful way.’

Surveyor mediator, Norfolk

‘Useful business know-how…practical and valuable’

Medical mediator, London

Very well presented and extremely informative’

Solicitor mediator, Birmingham

Contained lots of information I didn’t know and needed to…gave me a number of new ideas’

Barrister mediator, London

Very useful and practical…it felt safe to ask questions and share doubts.’

Solicitor mediator, W. Sussex